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Hey guys,

First off, all the fanfic on this site was written by me. Please ask me if you want to archive it anywhere. 

Most of it my stuff is from 'The West Wing', although there are a few crossovers as well as a few Firefly fics.

Please note that none of my fanfic has been beta'd, but if you're offering... i'd LOVE to have your help. As you can probably tell, i need it.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Don't forget to...  

>> missjasadin


07/03/07 - Site Update
Added "TWW fanfiction" picture
on home page. This links straight to
TWW fanfic page.
19/01/07 - Site Update
Planning on FINALLY updating my fics.
Accidently deleted 'Links' page.
Have no idea where it has gone...
05/08/06 - Site Update
Added a 'feedback'
page for each fic

28/04/06 - Chapter update
"If I was President of the United States..."
Chapter three: Sam Seaborn

04/04/06 - Site Update
I've reformatted the site,
so hopefully it is more accessible...

17/01/06 - NEW FIC
'Down the Aisle'
--> standalone

Fav Fic of the Day:


"Playing the Game" -

>> Leo, Toby, and five rules. First campaign fic, written for the Leo Ficathon.


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