Bring on the Banter

Will Bailey

The West Wing

Okay, I can do this. It doesn’t matter that it’s my first day at a new school and I don’t have any friends. It doesn’t matter that everybody else seems to have their own little groups. It doesn’t matter that Elsie already is the most popular kid in her kindergarten class, just because she came to school with a broken leg after falling out of a tree yesterday. None of that matters because my teacher has given me an assessment and that’s what I’m going to do.


Except.. what am I going to do when lunch comes around. Who will I talk too? Which group should I approach? Or perhaps I should just sit by myself and hope that somebody comes and talks to me.


Well there’s that group up the front. Two boys and a girl. I know that the boy with the unruly curly hair is Josh because he got in trouble this morning before class had even started. The girl seems nice, she has said hello to almost everyone this morning and is always smiling. And she smiled at me when the teacher introduced me this morning. But I;m not very good around girls, I tend to stutter. So maybe it’s best I try to become friends with another group, they all seem a pretty tight-knit group anyway the three of them.


This should be easy. I love writing. At my last school I was even given 3 gold stars for writing the best speech in the class.


If I was President of the United States

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