Bring on the Banter

"I Can Do Whatever I Want"

The West Wing

The President throws a party for his staff. He then says something that makes everyone think about their possible futures...


It had been a long couple of months for the White House staff, as they began their second term in office. Although the atmosphere had a comfortable air about it, after having spent the past four years working as an ensemble, the shock reelection had brought on a great deal of work for the staffers.

Having finally gotten the energy bill passed, which they had spent months perfecting, the Bartlet staffers were ready for a well earned break. As a thank you for all their hard work, the President had thrown a party for them all. Everybody involved in passing the bill was invited, from the senior staff and their assistants to the messengers who had worked long and hard delivering amendments to the bill, to each of the staffers time and time again.

Everybody was gathered in the Residence, sipping wine and enjoying their night off. The President was making the rounds, making sure that he spoke to every person in the room, ensuring that he praised their efforts over the past few months.

Some of the assistants were gathered at the buffet chatting animatedly about their lack of social lives due to their hectic schedule. In the corner, CJ and Margaret shared an amused smile as Donna told them of Josh’s latest office disaster.

The men of the senior staff stood to the side of the room discussing the success of the bill, Toby hassling Sam every so often about the wording of the bill, while Josh every so often would turn to glance in the direction of his assistant.

The President grinned widely as he watched his staff interact with each other. The First Lady was by his side, his best friend and Chief of Staff apparently thought that the crab puffs were delicious and his aide, Charlie who had just wondered over to the buffet and been pounced on by the younger assistants and had a terrified expression on his face.

This was how it was meant to be.

Josh's POV -

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