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Bring on the Banter

Samuel Seaborn

“If I was President of the United States I would ensure that all…”

No, that’s not right. “I would try to…” No, that’s not right either. There’s no passion. I don’t believe in writing something that lacks passion. Toby would never consider even putting words onto a sheet of paper if they lacked passion. He is the best writer in our class. I bet he was able to write his essay easily without being distracted by his thoughts.

But I can’t help it; my mind never seems to stop working.

Oh my gosh. Look how much Donna has written already! And I can’t even come up with my first sentence. Think Sam, think!

Now Donna’s smiling. Probably imagining herself as President where she’d make Josh and I her slaves. Nah, Donna’s too kind for that. CJ however…

Josh doesn’t appear to be worried at all. I’m not sure that he even realizes we’re supposed to be writing anything, he appears to be in another world. He’s probably wondering what he has for lunch. I hope that he doesn’t have any chips. He keeps blaming me for stealing them, even though it’s obviously Donna. She’s not even subtle about it anymore. But he’d never blame her. There’s no point, because even if he did, CJ would probably just whack him over the back of his head. And that REALLY hurts.

What would I do as President? I know that if I was President, people would laugh when I tripped over boxes anymore or when I fall off the boat when Dad takes me sailing.

Would I even want to be President? I’ve always wanted to be a writer, just like Charles Dickens. It would be fun to be a Ghost Writer. Then I could write for all sorts of celebrities like movie stars and maybe even kings!

But if I was President I could write my own speeches. I’d probably be the first ever President to do that! Unless Toby gets there first of course…

Oh no! Time’s running out. What would I want to do. I would want to help the people. Make everybody lives easier, give everybody a job…

Phew, I’m done and just in time.


If I was President of the United States…

I would ensure that I did everything I could to help the people of America. I would try and always do the right thing even if it meant that the consequences might be politically disastrous.

The first thing I would do was improve education. Education is everything and it needs gigantic changes. Teachers would be paid millions of dollars and school would be free of charge for our countries citizens.


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