Bring on the Banter


The West Wing

Stand alones

After Shopping

After a day of shopping the girls are ready to go home.

Down the Aisle

Getting married has never been so complicated...


Josh tries to break up with his girlfriend, but to no avail.

Good morning

Just another morning in the West Wing...

Something Stupid

A blindfolded Donna must make her way around the White House, to find the source of the voice which calls for her.

Multi parts

Back from the Future

There's someone in Josh's office... Who is it? How did they get there?

Candy Hearts

When Josh and Donna have a fight, he tries to make it up to her with a bag of candy hearts. This leads Donna to remember special memories of their past.

"I Can Do Whatever I Want"

President Bartlet throws a party for his staff. He then says something that makes everyone think about their possible futures...

"If I was President of the United States..."

The gang is in school. They are all about ten 10 years old. The teacher gives the class an essay to write: "If I was the President of the United States..." What does each student write? ...CHAPTER THREE: SAMUEL SEABORN

Just Another Ordinary DAY

There are so many days that go by unnoticed. I don't want that to happen anymore.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

CJ has a plan. A plan which involves a photograph and two of her coworkers in the West Wing. Will everything go according to plan, or will her brilliant scheme cause more trouble than it's worth? JD

Sweet Sixteen


Central Perk vs the White House (Friends x-over)

A series of unrelated FriendsWW crossover fics. Random Friends episodes mixed in with our favourite West Wing characters. CHAPTER TWO: TOW Chandler crosses the line

Double Trouble

Hands of Blue (Serenity x-over)

It's the premier of 'Serenity'. Who knew that going to see a movie would be so complicated??

I'm Listening (Frasier x-over)

Two white house staffers decide that they need professional help to settle their office dispute.

Of Fairytales and Happy Endings (Fairytale xover)

Reality Sets In (Big Brother x-over)

Josh and Donna get roped into appearing on Big Brother. With cameras watching them 24/7, just what will they get up to? NEW: Day Six- Friday Night Live

Say Something (Gilmore Girls x-over)

Our favourite gang end up in a small town called Stars Hollow. Madness ensues. Set during the Bartlet for America campaign and season 5 Gilmore Girls.

TOW Joey Dates Rachel and Fandoms Collide (Friends x-over)

Joey and Rachel are on a date, when they meet up with Rachel's cousin, Donna and Donna's boss, Josh.

The West Wing (the musical)

It's the Bartlet presidency's first day in the White House. Overwhelmed by their surroundings, is it any wonder that the staff occassionally break out into song?


Cliches of the Worst Kind

The West Wing goes...

Every possible alternate universe scenario available.
Where will the people from the West Wing go? What will they do? Will they return??



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