Bring on the Banter

Chapter Three

The West Wing


Toby looked up just in time to see Josh enter his office with Donna in tow. The pair looked utterly confused

Toby did nothing to stop the groan which escaped his lips. He was perfectly fine with CJ’s plan; in fact he had welcomed it. Frankly he too was sick of the sexual tension which sparked whenever Josh and Donna were within one hundred feet of each other. He hadn’t realised however, that by agreeing to support CJ’s ridiculous plan when she took it to Leo, meant that he too would also have to play at this ridiculous charade.

Although, he thought, it was amusing to see Josh in such a state. The poor man had no clue what was going on. Maybe he’d play with him, just a little.

“Toby, everyone’s gone crazy!” Josh announced his arms flailing about trying to prove the craziness that was happening around him. “They were all just hugging and congratulating us, for no reason. Even Leo!!”

“Did we get ‘Boss and Assistant of the Year’ or something, and everybody forgot to inform us?”

A snigger emerged from Donna’s lips.


“‘Boss of the Year’, Josh?” She raised an eyebrow at him. The only way you could get that award would be if I nominated you, and trust me that won’t be happening anytime soon. Unless, you’re planning on giving that raise I’ve deserved for the past 3 years.”

Toby clenched his teeth, and then brought his hand down sharply on the desk creating a large bang, which as intended brought the pairs banter to a halt.

“Look,” he began, looking at each of them in turn, “I’m happy that you both finally got your acts together, but we have all known about this for months now. So can you both please drop the surprised acts?!”

Both Josh and Donna stood in silence, eyes wide but not daring to move or speak.

“So congratulations,” Toby continued “Now please leave my office so that I can attempt to fix this load of garbage that my deputy has written. SAM!” he shouted for the younger man, turning his attention away from the shocked couple in front of him.

Sam’s head appeared around the doorway.

“What the hell is this?!” Toby questioned him gruffly, waving papers at his deputy and giving Josh and Donna the chance to escape as Sam meekly made his way into the office.


Josh and Donna made the trip back to his office in silence, barely acknowledging the warm congratulations they received as they passed by their colleagues.

Once they reached the office, Josh took a seat at his desk while Donna sat down opposite him in the visitors chair. Still not a word had passed between them.

Donna was the first to break the silence. “That was –”

“Surreal” Josh finished, cutting her off.

“They all think that we’re together.” Donna whispered, almost to herself, confusion radiating from her.

“And that we’ve apparently been hiding it for months.” Josh reminded her.

“So, what should we do?” Donna asked her boss quietly, staring at her hands which were fidgeting restlessly in her lap.

Josh, who was also avoiding making eye contact with his assistant responded. “Tell them the truth, I guess. That we’re just friends and nothing more.”


“CJ?” Donna called out quietly, knocking softly on the older woman’s door.

CJ looked up from her desk, immediately noticing the confusion present on Donna’s face.

“Come in, Donna” she said, gesturing that she take a seat. Donna sighed in relief and let herself fall back onto CJ’s lounge, her body molding comfortably to it.

“Are you okay, Donna?” CJ asked her friend, “It’s been quite a day, hasn’t it. Finding out that everybody has known about your secret for months.”

“That’s just the thing!” Donna burst out, “There is NO secret!” she exclaimed. “Josh and I have never been together, we’re ‘just friends’.” Her voice faltered. “What made you think we were anything more?”

CJ smiled sympathetically, “I know that the two of you thought that you were being sneaky, but there’s no way that you fooled any of us. The looks you give each other, the touches, everything about you two screams that you are madly in love. And don’t even get me started on the banter.”

Donna bit her lip, and CJ noticed the gleam of hope which had suddenly made itself present in her friends eyes. “Thanks CJ,” Donna stood abruptly, “I…”

“You’ve got to get back to work?” CJ supplied her with an excuse smiling widely.

“Yes. Work.” With that Donna rushed from the office.

CJ let out a long breath as she leant back into her chair, still smiling to herself.

“Just call me Cupid.”


Chapter Four

"Let's put you on a stamp" - Josh

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