Bring on the Banter

The West Wing

Every few days I try and acknowledge a story that I have recently read and enjoyed.

This is a list of all my past 'fav fics of the day'

- all are West Wing, unless specified

"Playing the Game" - baked_goldfish

"The Pinkie, and the Brain" - Jillian (aka Defender of all things Sam)

"500 Dollars" - Sophia

"A Friend in Need" - Kerry

"Better than Perfect" - Ygrawn

"Doodle" - Meganfitz

"Friends in Low Places" - Missdevon

"Only a Game" - Bex

"Pieces of My Heart" - Amy B

"Screwed, Blued and Tattooed" - Spitzthecat

"Solecism" - Ryo Sen and Marguerite

"Something Good" - Jaye Reid

"Sweet Nothings" - cottonwoolfairy

"The Night Pat Murphy Died" - Judy Thomas

"The Romance of Poker" - Liza C.

"We Were Always Us" - Incigul Sayman

"What Began at The Commons" - Tiny Dancer

"The Loss of Leo" - WIWJ

"The Loss of Leo" - WIWJ

"The Wedding Speech Letters" - Seri scribble

"Beyond the Sea" part 5 - ErinnCrow (subwoofer26)

"Getting Their Groove Back" - Liza C.
"Stumbling into Life" - Jen

"Distracted Listening" - khughes830

"Confluence" - freak-pudding

"The Shiny Snitch" - Andrew Joshua Talon
>> Harry Potter in the 25th century... And the crew of Serenity's along for the ride. [FIREFLY]

"A Problematic Proposition" - Kas
>> Sequel to "Baby-sitting with Josh

"Bedlam - Part 1" - Kaynara
>> : A Companion Piece to Strange Bedfellows [FIREFLY]

"Parry and Thrust" - Amara D'Angeli
>> 3rd in the 'Getting There' series

"Truth Serum" - Kissofthespiderwoman
>>Donna and Josh are forced to take a leave of absence to work out their differences. The catalyst? The President commands them to take truth serum.

14/11/05 "His one, his everything, His best friend" - Jayne Leigh
>>With the ending near, Monica and Chandler remember their time in Paris. (FRIENDS)

"No, My Darling Daughter" - Em
>>Donna's dad discovers that she and Josh are having sex.

"He Had a Heart Once" - Baby23-Misery

"The Schedule - Shared Dreams" - Jenna Mead
#6 in the series 'The Schedule'
>> Leo gives JD a schedule for their relationship.

"Sixty Minutes Until Eternity" - dress-without-sleeves

"Josh and Donna Files" - Aluishus

"Saying Goodbye to The Beast" - Jeng Wilson
>> Donna needs a new car []

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