Bring on the Banter

Chapter IV
The West Wing

Luke made his way down the stairs from his apartment, to be greeted with the site of his girlfriend excitedly chatting with a blonde woman at the counter of the diner.

“Luke!” Lorelai exclaimed excitedly, noticing his presence. “Lukey, will you please prepare some of your heavenly coffee for my friend. Donna here, has traveled all across the country to taste some.”

Luke looked at her pointedly, not budging as she pouted at him innocently. “Lorelai, I thought that we discussed that you wouldn’t be using customers anymore as a means to get extra cups of coffee.”

Lorealai’s mouth fell open in mock hurt at the accusation, her hand fluttering lightly over her chest. “I cannot believe that you would think so lowly of me Luke, that you actually think that I would use Donna to get more coffee from you!” She turned to Donna. “Can you believe what he’s saying?”

Luke rolled his eyes at her antics, and went to prepare some fresh coffee. “Just ignore her, she’s always like this.”


Luke poured the freshly brewed coffee into Donna’s mug, who inhaled deeply before tasting her first sip. He then turned to the other customer seated at the counter. “Would you like some coffee sir?”

Josh looked up from where he had been staring into his empty mug, and nodding his thanks pushed it towards Luke.

Just as Luke was about to pour the first drop into the mug, he was stopped by an arm, pulling him back. He looked up and was surprised to see Lorelai’s new friend Donna.

“I’m sorry. But he doesn’t need any coffee. He’s had enough for today.” She told him.

“I’m sorry” Luke looked between the two people questioningly. “Do you two know each other?”

“Yes.” and “No.” were their immediate replies. Josh looked at Donna with a hurt expression on his face. “We’re just having a misunderstanding” he explained to Luke and Lorelai.

Stubbornly he tried once again to push his mug forward in the hopes of getting served some coffee.

“No Josh! You’re wired enough already, without having any more coffee!” Donna scolded him, almost forgetting about their fight.

Lorelai stood gaping at her in shock. “You’re withholding coffee!” she gasped at Donna. “I can’t believe that YOU are also one of the coffee Nazi’s” She then turned to glare pointedly at her boyfriend, who grinned at her in return.

Returning her gaze back to Donna she continued, “And I thought I KNEW you!”

“I only withhold HIS coffee.” Donna put forward, defending her actions.

“Oh” was Lorelai’s only reply, still trying to recover from the shock of the recent betrayal. “Well, then…” But her words were interrupted as a new face entered the diner.

“Oh great! You guys made up!”

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