Bring on the Banter

Chapter III
The West Wing

The bell on the door tinkled lightly as Donna made her way into the cosy diner. “Luke’s Diner” the sign had said. Donna glanced around wondering if the man named Luke was in the room. Perhaps Luke had been the name of someone’s father and the business had been called that for sentimental reasons.

Donna was drawn from her thoughts, when the tinkling of bells informed her that someone had entered the diner behind her and was now trying to get inside, past her figure which was blocking the doorway.

Noticing that all the tables were full, Donna made her way to the counter and took a seat. While waiting for someone to take her order she glanced at the other lone figure seated at the counter just two seats down. Her mouth fell open in surprise as she realised that she knew the individual in the slightly rumpled suit, with the curly hair that she had so often imagined running her hands through.

Studiously ignoring him and hoping that he didn’t notice her, she sat silently while waiting to be noticed by the waitress who seemed to be the only person working. Eventually she noticed Donna sitting there waiting and approached her full of apologies.

“I’m so sorry.” Said the girl whose name, according to her badge was ‘Lane’. “My boss had to go upstairs and we’re a bit busier than usual today, what with the festival tomorrow.”

“Oh that’s fine.” Donna gave her a small smile. “I’ll just have a coffee. To go.”

“Sure. It won’t be a minute.” She bustled behind the counter and began to prepare Donna’s order.

Just then a woman made her way down the stairs from behind the counter. She was wearing a floral print skirt and a pink top that said “The Boss”. Her dark curly hair bounced as she made her way down the stairs and the grin on her face was infectious.

“Did I hear someone say coffee?” she asked as she approached them. “Hi” she said to Donna holding out her hand. “I’m Lorelai - the boss.” She grinned as she pointed at her shirt.

Lane rolled her eyes, and Donna relaxed immediately at the familiarity between the two women. “She’s not really” she informed Donna, but she likes to think she is, that way she can get free coffee. Actually she’s dating the boss”.

If possible Lorelai’s grin got even larger when Lane mentioned the word ‘date’. Donna, however, suddenly remembered where she was, who she was sitting near and what her day had been like and immediately closed herself off.

Not wanting to be impolite however, she accepted Lorelai’s hand “Donna Moss.”

“You look in need of a good cup of coffee.” Lorelai commented. “Did you order some?” Off Donna’s confirmation she continued “If you don’t mind waiting a minute I can get you the BEST coffee in all the world! And trust me, for me to say the ‘best’, isn’t something you should take lightly. I have traveled far and wide and there is no coffee better than Luke’s”

Lorelai noticed Lane looking at her with a hurt expression. “Awww sweetie. You’re coffee’s good too. It’s just not as good as Luke’s.” She grinned at Donna. “So what do you say?”

Donna sighed. “Okay, it’s not like I have anywhere else I need to be.”

“So where are you from?” Lorelai asked resting her elbows on the bench, to make herself comfortable due to her lack of chair. Lane walked away to take the orders of some new customers who had just entered, while Donna began to discuss with Lorelai her job on the ‘Bartlet for America’ campaign. The nagging thought that Josh was sitting just two seats away ignoring her, as he obviously would have noticed her by now, didn’t disappear as their conversation continued.

Chapter IV

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