Bring on the Banter

Chapter I
The West Wing

“Donna! Get me some coffee!”

Josh frowned at the silence which followed his question.

“Donna?” He tried again.

“Yes, Josh?” Josh jumped at the unexpected sound of Donna’s voice directly behind him, where she had obviously been lurking.

“Gah! Don’t do that!”

Donna rolled her eyes at his immaturity. “You called for me?”

“Yeah, can you get me some coffee?”

“Other than the fact that we are on a moving bus - meaning that there is no possible way I could get you any, no.”

“No?” Josh gaped at her, shocked. “What do you mean ‘No’?”

“It’s not in my job description to provide you with coffee, Joshua.”

“Donna, you have only been on salary for a week. Do you really think that it’s wise to be refusing your bosses orders so early in the game?”

“It’s not part of my job” she repeated stubbornly.

“The hell it is!” Josh near shouted, the vein in his temple becoming more pronounced as his voice increased in volume. “Your job is to do whatever I tell you to!”

Anger flashed across Donna’s face before she adopted a blank expression, not allowing Josh the pleasure of witnessing how his words had affected her.

“Here are the files you asked for earlier, Sir.” She spoke handing him the folders she had been holding, before she stood silently and made her way further down the bus. Sitting in an empty seat and opened the book which was lying on the chair beside her and began to read, blinking back the tears which threatened to fall at any moment.

Josh sat in shock, as he considered his assistants attitude. He felt slightly guilty about the way he had treated her and how far he had let things go. He didn’t know why he had yelled, but lately, in fact, ever since Donna had officially been put on salary, things had been tense between them. The banter was gone, instead replaced with harsh words and nearly always resulting in shouting matches.

Turning his thoughts away from the blonde at the back of the bus, he opened one of the files and began to read.

Chapter II

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