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Bring on the Banter

Donnatella Moss

Wow. This is the coolest assignment ever! An essay on being President – I mean, it’s so inspired!

“If I was the President of the United States…”

Imagine if I actually WAS the President…

Having all that power; being able to make the world a better place; to really help people.

I would be the very first female President. President Moss – I think that it has a nice ring to it.

Hmmm… as President I would need to have a personal secretary, no, make that an assistant. As the first female President, it seems rather fitting that my assistant be a male. Maybe if Josh is nice enough to me, and by that I mean, if he stops mocking me about how I used to live in Wisconsin, I’ll offer him the job.

Not that I actually want to be President though. I’ve never even thought about it before. I actually want to do something with… actually I’m not sure; there are just so many choices. French maybe… I studied it for a bit at my old school. We only got up to learning hello and goodbye though; my class was kind of slow. Or maybe I could become an actress, I do like drama…

Still, this President idea is growing on me. Maybe I don’t actually have to be President, but I guess that I could work for the President. That’s still pretty cool. Wow, just think of the things I could do, even I was only the Presidents advisor! I would have the power to decide whose face gets placed on a stamp!

Josh just peeked at my work. Is he actually thinking of copying me? Does he really think that Mrs Chapple wouldn’t notice if we handed in identical essays?

At least Sam’s taking the assignment seriously. I bet he actually DOES want to become President. Ohhh, that sounds good. I hope that Sam does become President one day. He’s such a sweetie. He totally deserves it. I remember when I first came to this school a year ago.

It was lunch time on my first day and I didn’t know anybody else. I didn’t have any lunch so I decided to just sit under the big oak tree that was in the middle of the school yard. Soon after I sat down a boy came up to me and asked me what I was doing there. It turned out that I was sitting in the ‘spot’ that he and his friends usually sat. I managed to convince him to let me stay.

The boy turned out to be Josh. Soon enough his group of friends came along. It was Sam that realised that I hadn’t brought any lunch and so he gave me half his sandwich. And that’s how I met my two best friends.

See, Sam cares about others, even strangers, that is why I think that he would make a great President. I wonder what everyone else will do once we finish school? I know that we’re only ten and being a grown up seems so far away, but its fun to dream.

I bet that CJ does something with public speaking. She’s so good at it, always getting the best marks in class in debating. And she’s not scared of anything. She always sticks up for me and hits the boys over the back of the head when they say something stupid.

But I’m not really meant to be thinking about that right now, I’m meant to be writing my essay about if I was the President…

I’m sure the teacher will be collecting them soon. Well, I’ll juts finish this end but off, I’m almost done.

There finished.

I hope that Josh has chips for recess today. It’s so much fun to steal them when he’s not looking and he still has no idea that it’s me. He always blames Sam.


If I was President of the United States…

I would try to always think about what was best for the people. Not just the people who were rich but others who are often over looked and need the help. I would make sure that people such as teachers, who are doing a good service for the community were recognized, maybe I’d even be able make a Presidential proclamation to honour their great work.

I would assist people with problems, like if a grandfather had a sick grandson. I would put worthy people on stamps as a tribute to their contributions to society. I would listen to the people. But most of all I would make sure that I always looked after my family. No matter what was happening in the world, I would make sure that they were being cared for. The people that had helped me to get elected and had stood by me. My White House family.

- Samuel Seaborn -

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