Bring on the Banter

Day Six
The West Wing

Sometime in the afternoon

“I can’t believe it’s finally over!” Donna sighed happily as she sank back into the depths of the lounge beside Josh. “Our week of being Scouts is finally over and we completed all of our tasks!” she cheered punching her arm up in the air and blowing loudly into her newly acquired whistle, which let out a piercing shriek.

“Well we had better get something good for all of our hard work. I do NOT want to be eating rations for another week.” Josh frowned and poked at his stomach. “Look how skinny I’ve become!”

“It’s probably because of the devil scout leader I’ve had tormenting me all week long.” He complained glaring at her. Donna held back a laugh.

“Josh, you have eaten more (and healthy food might I add) and done more exercise in the past week, than in the five years I’ve known you.”

Josh’s mouth fell open in protest. “I exercise!” He objected half-heartedly.

“Yeah, when?”

“Like when the Vice President makes me take a meeting with him while he’s jogging.”

“That’s approximately three times a year, at the most” Donna retorted. She poked his side. “I think that it will be a while before we have to worry about you becoming anorexic.” She grinned at him playfully.

“Did you just call me fat?”

“Well if the extra-large fat pants fit…”

Josh stood in mock outrage, grabbed her hand and began to drag her to the diary room.

“That’s it Donnatella! I’m telling!” He scowled at her.

She looked at him, amused. “You’re actually going to ‘dob’ on me?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am” Josh nodded at herinsolently.


Donna shrugged out of his grip and stood, arms crossed against her chest defiantly.

“I am not going to allow you to get me into trouble Joshua. I haven’t said or done anything wrong. So, stop being such a baby.”

“You know that I can easily just tell on you right from this very spot we’re standing, right?” He grinned at her. “I just thought that as we needed a diary entry for the day, this was the perfect time…”

“Oh. Well, okay then.”

Knowing that he had won that particular argument, Josh rewarded her with a satisfied smirk. Donna gave him a dirty look before pushing him into the diary room.

That night

“Good evening, I’m your host Gretel Anderson and you’re watching Big Brother Friday Night Live!”

“Now, Friday Night is traditionally games night, where the housemates compete against each other for special prizes. At this very moment our housemates are anxiously waiting to be allowed into the games arena, not knowing what lies in store for them.

“So why don’t we take a sneak peak, to see just what tonight’s challenges will be”

The audience’s screamed filled the room.

“Okay, tonight’s theme is a ‘carnival’ one. Complete with rides, clowns and sideshows!”

“Okay, let’s have a look at the different challenges that our housemates will be participating in tonight.

The first challenge is a relay and for them to participate the housemates will be split into two teams, each team consisting of four couples. Now if you observe the screen you will be able to watch the simulation we’ve created of the race while I explain what the housemates have to do.

The teams will be competing against each other at exactly the same time so two courses have been arranged. The relay course is as follows: The first teammate begins in a sack. When the buzzer sounds they must jump the length of the 50m racing track. Once they cross the line, they abandon their sacks and pick up the egg and spoon which are waiting for them.

They then proceed along the next marked length of the track with the egg and spoon. If the egg is dropped, they must go back to the beginning of the ‘egg track’. At the end of the ‘egg track’ is a pond. This pond is filled with plastic ducks.

Using the wooden fishing rods provided the housemate must ‘catch’ a duck – picking it up using the hook on its head. The duck has a number on the bottom of it. Now remember that there are cameras EVERYWHERE, so cheating will not be possible. The number on the duck indicated the number of throws which the housemate has been given.

Now comes the best bit. The dunk tank!

Yes. With whatever number of throws they have (which was on the bottom of the duck) the contestant must try and hit the target, ultimately dunking the opposing team’s player into the water. Yes. Sadly it is only water, not slime, because there will be other challenges and it would just be too messy.

If the player is knocked into water the whole team, whether they have run before or not, must run to their marker at the end of the arena. The first team to have all their players at their marker wins.

Now if the player is NOT dunked, then the next player must go through the entire race again, until the opposition is dunked. The teammates must keep moving all the equipment back to the start once it is finished, because there is only one sack and one egg and spoon per team.

Now that wasn’t too confusing was it!”

Gretel laughed at the confused expressions on the audiences faces.

“Well if you guys had trouble understanding, WITH a simulation to watch, I can’t imagine what the housemates are going to be thinking.

Oh well, I’m not explaining again. Those of you at home can rewind this and watch it again in slow motion. Those of you in the audience… tough luck. I’m moving on.

Now the losing team is out of the race. They will become the spectators, cheering squad if you will for the remaining contestants. So basically they just get to sit out and watch the fun for the rest of the night. The winning team will then split off into the four couples it is made of. These couples will now be competing against each other.

This next challenge is actually rock climbing. The huge structure you can see has four sides. Each couple has their own side. There are cards stuck with Velcro to the sides of the tower. The partners have to take turns to climb the tower grab a card which has a certain number of points on it. The larger the numbers of points, the higher up the tower you have to climb to retrieve the card. The contestant grabs a card, climbs back down sticks the card to their ‘point’s board’, then tags their partner who repeats their actions. The players have three minutes. At the end, two teams with the most points will go onto the final round.

Now only two couples will remain. The pair with the most points gained at the end of the final challenge will be declared the winner of this week’s Friday night games.

Now remember: The winning pair will get the rewards room available to them 24/7 for the next 3 days AND will also be able to take points off one of the couples up for eviction on Sunday night!

Okay, so the final challenge.

This round the couples will be taking turns. A coin is tossed to see which pair is up first. Once that is decided the winning pair must have plastic buckets strapped to their heads.

Now if you look at the end of the arena, you will see a giant clown head. Just like at the sideshows at carnivals, the only thing is this one is about fifty times the size. So if you have an irrational fear of clowns I advise you to turn away from your television sets right now.

The first person begins with a rubber ball in their bucket. They run with it until they reach the clown head. They must tip their head, leaning over so that the ball falls into the clowns’ mouth, (which will me moving from side to side). The ball will then roll down the tube into one of the five columns. Each of these columns is worth a number of points, ranging from five to twenty five.

Once the ball has been dropped into the clowns’ mouth, the contestant runs back to the beginning tags their partner, who already has their ball in their bucket ready to run. This partner then continues doing exactly the same thing. This is repeated until the three minutes is up. Then the teams switch. The points are added up and a winner is declared.

So, you’ve got it? Okay then!

And now let’s cross live to the housemates!

CJ's Apartment

“Oh look! I can see them!” Ginger squealed, pointing excitedly at the tiny couple on the television screen.

CJ had invited the Senior Staff and senior assistants over to her apartment that night, to watch the first of the Friday Night games.

“Shhh!” CJ said quieting everybody down, and then took a seat on the lounge, settling herself in comfortably. “It’s about to start.”

Everyone laughed at the shocked expressions the housemates faces adopted as they were brought into the arena and were suddenly blinded by the onset of colour.

“Oh, look” Carol laughed. As they watched Josh was led up the platform and then sat himself in the dunk tank.

“He doesn’t look very pleased” commented Bonnie grinning.

“Donna’s managed to find the humour in the situation” observed Toby dryly.

Onscreen, Donna was doubled over with laughter, which seemed to be directed at Josh’s latest predicament.

“Oohhhhhh they’ve started! Oh my gosh! What is Sarah doing!” screeched Margaret. “She’s dropped the egg like, three times! Kick her off the team” she shouted throwing popcorn at the screen.

“Yay! Donna’s up! Wow. She’s really good in the sack” commented Sam. Everyone turned at stared at him, as he flushed a deep red. “Okay, that came out wrong. I just meant that she was good…”

“Toby, please shut your deputy up before I am forced to inflict damage on him” CJ asked gritting her teeth.

“Shut up.”

Sam stopped talking.

“Did you see that throw?” Carol laughed. “Josh almost ended up in the tank” she giggled clapping her hands together.

“But that’s a bad thing.” Margaret responded seriously, her eyes never straying from the television set. “Then Donna and Josh are out of the game.”


“I hope they win. Last year, the rewards room was filled with chocolates, recliners, wine and movies. It was like heaven. God, I’m jealous.”

“Jealous of Donna? Who has to spend 24 hours a day for a month with Josh?” Bonnie asked.

“Well, I really don’t think that Donna minds all that much, she seemed…” Ginger said slyly.

“Lalalala” CJ covered her ears with her hands. “I’m not hearing any of this.”

“Aw, come on CJ. It’s going to happen one day. I bet it happens when they’re in the house. Anyway it’s the perfect time. Now everybody can see how perfect they are for each other. It will save the White House from a scandal…” Carol was cut off by Margaret and Ginger’s screams.

“They won!”

“Come on Donna!” The room erupted into applause as Donna managed to reach the card and climbed back down to stick on her and Josh’s score board.

“Great. Josh’s turn again.” Margaret said frowning. “He’s just lucky that Donna’s been leaving all the low cards for him to reach.”

“It’s not his fault” Sam defended his best friend. “Every since the shooting…”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just really, really want them to win.”

“Ohh! The buzzer just sounded.” Bonnie shouted jumping up from her place on the lounge.

“Did we win?” Margaret asked anxiously her eyes closed, fists clenched in anticipation.


Everyone sighed and returned to their seats, to watch the rest of the program. Their enthusiasm waned now that their friends had lost their chance on getting into the rewards room.

Big Brother House - games arena

“Hey, we came third. That’s pretty good” commented Donna cheerfully, as she and Josh made their way to the spectators stand at the side of the arena.

“Three out of FOUR is not good.” grumbled Josh. “I’m sorry we lost. My back was really starting to play up.”

“Hey, you okay?” Donna asked, looking at him concerned, rubbing his back soothingly.

“Yeah. Nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix. Well it doesn’t look like we’ll be much longer. Look at Greg run. I think that it’s safe to say that he and Dave won the games tonight. But Phil and Jackson went pretty well.”

Josh stood and held out his arm to her. “Come on. Let’s go say out congratulations and then head off to bed. I’m exhausted.”

They made their way over to the other housemates. Donna hugged the boys, congratulating them and then the two headed back into the house for a good nights sleep.

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