Bring on the Banter

Day Four
The West Wing

The past few days hadn’t been easy - filled with new tasks both challenging and enjoyable. But nothing had prepared Donna for their latest task.

The group had been resting on the lounges inside after having played a wide game all afternoon. The housemates had formed 4 groups, and each group had to complete a number of set tasks – each bringing in some element of the Scouting movement and its activities. Donna had to pretend to break an arm and a leg, so that her team could bandage her up, and then put her in a splint and sling. Josh had been particularly sweet, carrying her, when she was unable to walk due to the size and weight of her bandaged leg.

Back on the lounge, the conversation which was going on had been light. Talking about nothing in particular, just random comments about their likes and dislikes, when suddenly them overpowering voice they associated with Big Brother, called them into the diary room.

This was the third time they had been called into the diary room as a group. The first had been when they were being informed about their scouting challenge and the second was to explain that they had to wear their microphones at all times, because they had already lost $5000 from their kitty by not following the rules.

Donna had also done two diary entries, one with Josh and one by herself. Soon after falling into the pool after the raft building, Josh had dragged her into the diary room and promptly told Big Brother that Donna had pulled him in and so, therefore there should be a rematch.

Unfortunately his skills as a lawyer could not sway Big Brothers decision, perhaps due to the huge grin on his face which was making his dimples more pronounced than ever. Well that was, until Donna had hit him for trying to place the blame of the team’s loss on her. After all, they were partners and anything that was her mistake, was by default, his.

Her second diary entry had been late, during their third night in the house. Donna had been unable to sleep and so had decided talking to Big Brother would help her get to sleep. She had been right – his voice having immediately put her to sleep. She had woken in the morning with a sore neck and back, after having fallen asleep in the diary room chair.

The group all wondered into the diary room and chatted amongst themselves, while waiting for further instructions. None came and so they waited, and waited. Ten minutes later, Big Brother finally announced that they should go outside.

Once outside, the group noticed a new setup of equipment on the far side of the yard, so walked over to inspect it. For an unknown reason, Donna turned back for one last glance at the house, when she noticed a figure decked in black on the inside. The figure saw Donna staring at him, mouth agape and gave her a little wave, before locking the door to the house with himself inside.

Donna ran to the door and tried the handle. Yes, it was definitely locked. Turning back, to call for the group, Donna was interrupted by Big Brother’s voice.

“Housemates, you have been locked out of the house” Ignoring the shouts which followed he continued, “You shall remain outside for an undetermined amount of time. The necessary supplies are with you. Use them wisely.”

Donna walked back to the group.

“It’s true” she announced “The doors are locked.”

Josh’s mouth fell open. “You mean that we have to camp? Outside? Like real scouts?”

Donna grinned at him, suddenly feeling better about the situation. Josh could always make her feel better.

“Yes. What’s wrong? I thought that you were an ‘outdoors man’, you can handle anything!”

She couldn’t hold back the smirk as Josh dropped onto his knees, a groan escaping his lips as he imagined the task ahead of them.

Dropping down beside him, she patted his arm comfortingly. “Don’t worry, Joshie.”

Josh raised his head and looked at her strangely. “And what is THAT about? All day at the oddest of times, you’ve been calling me Joshie. It’s weird.”

Adopting an expression of innocence, she smiled. “I thought that it would be a nice new nickname for you. I know how much you like it.” Lowering her voice so that the others couldn’t hear she continued. “Also CJ and I had a little wager before I came in. If I can get everybody to start calling you Joshie, I get $20!” She grinned gleefully.

“Donna! You’ve sold me out! You’re conspiring against me with the sisterhood? Your own boss? And for only $20! CJ’s ripping you off - this is worth at least $50. If you had informed me I could have gotten you more money and then done something equally horrible to CJ” A wicked grin crossed his face as he imagined how he could CJ back for her latest stunt. “Also, I suggest that you stop it at once - if you would like to have a job to go back to when we leave this hellhole.”

“Josh! Shhhh…” Donna whispered, making Josh laugh as she looking up suspiciously, trying to detect a sign that Big Brother was listening.

“What!” she exclaimed hands on hips.

“You look as though he’s going to strike you down at any moment” Josh laughed.

“Well, I’m not sure what to expect here. Anything can happen. So stop saying things like that! I know that you’ve been having fun, no matter how hard you’re trying not to. So give up the act Josh – we could be in here for weeks and if you don’t listen to me and give up that attitude, maybe I’ll be able to get Greg or Dave to convince you.” She smiled at him an evil glint in her eye. “I’ve heard that they’ve done a little bit of body building in their time. Isn’t that interested…” She grinned at him threateningly.
---------- Big Brother Stage – Dreamworld Studios

The foot stamping and wild applause continued long after Sarah’s mother, who had done a guest appearance on the show, left the stage. It was near impossible to hear the words Gretel was now speaking.

“And you may well know our next guest. Although not often in the public eye, this man definitely has a face perfect for television. Please welcome White House hottie, Deputy Communications Director, Sam Seaborn.”

Sam entered the stage, blushing slightly at the compliments thrown his way. Kissing Gretel he took his seat beside her.

“Now, two of the housemates, who seem to be a favourite with the audience, are Sam’s colleagues - Donna Moss and Josh Lyman.” The crowd went wild. Sam looked around him in amazement at the fans which Donna and Josh had collected in the four days they had been on television. True, Josh already had the support of his fan club. But by the looks of it, membership had increased by 100 percent in just four days. Donna appeared to be no less popular. Already posters had been created saying “Keep Donna on the Tella-vision” and other terrible puns, which would surely put Toby into shock if he were present to witness them in their full glory.

“Sam, why don’t you tell us how you and Josh became friends?”
--------------- Some time later…

“What can you tell us about Josh and Donna’s relationship? When I was told that they were going to appear on the show, I expected your stereotypical boss and assistant – a fairly boring pair, who to tell you the truth, I expected to be evicted in the first week. But these two, have chemistry. They work well together but…. It’s hard to explain.” Gretel turned to him, her statement asking him to elaborate.

“I guess that I should have expected this.” Sam sighed and smiled ruefully before continuing. “Josh and Donna are two of my best friends and I love them – but I have also never two people who were more clueless about their feelings.”

“This has been a day which the White House has eagerly awaited and yet dreaded at the same time since the original campaign. From the very beginning there was something. We all know that the two of them are perfect for each other, but there has always been the possibility for a scandal – which is something that we definitely don’t need. But maybe something good can come of them showing themselves to the public. People will realise that these two are not a scandal waiting to happen, they are just two people who care a great deal about each other.”

“Nicely said” Gretel smiled at him. “Now we’re just going to show some footage from earlier in the day…”

As the image appeared on the large studio screen, Sam quickly covered his mouth with his hand, suppressing a grin.

All the housemates were dressed in their uniforms, scarves and the few badges they had earned. They were now marching around the garden singing, actually, Sam thought, singing is a bit too generous, shouting would be more fitting.

It was an old scouting song he recognized. Ken was leading, blowing his whistle every so often to keep them in time, while the group repeated his cries.

“Everywhere we go,

People want to know,

Who we are,

Where we come from,

So we tell them,

We are the housemates

The mighty housemates

And if they don’t hear us

We’ll shout a little louder”

Each line was shouted first by Ken and then repeated by the group. Some of the words had obviously been changed to suit the situation, and each time the verse finished they began again, shouting even louder.

Josh was at the back of the group, trailing behind slower than everyone else, obviously finding the experience humiliating. As the shouts continued he tried to move away from the group escaping, but Donna who was marching directly in front of him reached out her own hand, and without breaking her stride or shouts, yanked him back into the line, forcing him to continue marching. Donna’s grip had obviously been rather forceful, as Josh rubbed his neck when his shirt had been pulled tight. With a slightly fearful expression on his face, he continued to march around the garden with the group, reluctantly participating.

This time Sam didn’t attempt to hide his grin and laughed out loud at the scene playing before him. “Yeah, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish who’s the boss. I guess that you have noticed that Donna is wearing the ‘Boss’ wrist band? Yeah, the majority of the time that’s how it is – in and out of the office.”

“Josh may be Deputy Chief of Staff, but Donna is the one that controls the office. As she herself would say, she’s really the Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff. Donna organizes everything, from normal assistant duties such as scheduling meetings and sending flowers when he makes someone cry to getting him clean clothes and looking after him when he’s sick. She definitely goes above and beyond her call of duty.”

“I guess that’s why they work so well together, they are not just boss and assistant, they are also best friends.”

“Her one vice, is coffee. She refuses to bring it to him – because it’s not in her job description. You haven’t been privy to the coffee dispute yet, but with what you’ve seen of them already, I guess you understand when I say that the banter about it could literally go on for days.”

He looked back to the screen grinning at his two clueless friends. The picture was now showing what was going on in the house at that very moment - live television.

The group was looking through the equipment which had been left for them. Already the supplied tents had begun to be assembled. Of the four tents, two were already assembled and the third was well on its way. The tarp shelter had also been erected only moments before. Just then it began to rain.
-------------- Big Brother house

“Shit!” came somebody’s shout. “Quick, everybody! Get all the equipment undercover!”

fortunately the rain was not heavy, just a light sprinkle, and it didn’t take long to get everything under a shelter.

“No what are we going to do about dinner? We were supposed to have a campfire.” Jackson whined.

“Josh can do it.” Donna grinned. The group was all huddled under the tarp shelter, which was their makeshift kitchen area. “I’ve seen him try to set a building on fire, so I’m sure that he could light a fire in the rain.”

Josh stared daggers at her. “Very funny, Donnatella.”

“Let’s just see if this rain settles down a bit first, then we can decide what to do.” Phillip suggested taking a seat on one of the rocks they had hauled undercover to use as makeshift chairs.

Nodding, everybody took a rock and sat in a circle, talking about their misfortune with the weather.
----------------- The Residence, the White House

Leo was sitting on the lounge in the Residence beside the President; both with their eyes focused on the television set. The President’s youngest daughter, Zoey was seated on the floor resting her back against the chair. Her eyes also glued to the television set in front of her, the edges of her lips curving upwards, a smile threatening to make its way onto her face.

On the television set the housemates had due to the rain begun a small campfire under the shelter they had set up. Ken had taken it upon himself to teach the group some campfire songs and everyone was joining in enthusiastuically. Everyone, that is except Josh.

But all it took was a swift jab in the ribs from Donna’s elbow to have him mumbling the words along with the rest of the group.

At this Zoey laughed out loud. Never in a million years would she have ever imagined witnessing such a hilarious moment. Josh had always been like an older brother to her. When her father had first decided to run for President, Zoey had been unsure about the whole situation. But Josh had made it his task to make her feel comfortable with all the staff and the doings on in the campaign. She would often talk to him for hours, about school, the campaign and life in general.

Now she was able to see him, dressed as a boy scout and singing songs around the small fire that made managed to start.

“He jumped from twenty thousand feet without a parachute,
He jumped from twenty thousand feet without a parachute,
He jumped from twenty thousand feet without a parachute,
And he ain’t gonna jump no more”

Josh was scowling as he sang along with the group, but as Zoey watched, it slowly turned into a smile, when he noticed how enthusiastically Donna was singing. She was really trying to make the most of her time in the house and have some fun.

The songs continued on long into the night, and Zoey found herself joining in whenever she recognized a song that she had picked up on a school camp. The housemates made their way through all the classic campfire songs, such as ‘Found a Peanut’, ‘Alice the Camel’, ‘Tom the Toad’, ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ and then finally a energetic rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’.
------------- Big Brother House, outside, night time

Taking a break from the singing the group began to talk about their lives outside the Big Brother house. It turned out that Brady was a real estate agent and the Phillip had fought in the war. Soon the conversation made its way to Josh and Donna. They had so far avoided talking about their jobs, not sure how their housemates would react to their positions.

“So what exactly do you guys do?” Ashley asked the pair curiously. “All we seem to know is that Donna is Josh’s assistant…”

“Well actually, we don’t even know that.” Brooke said laughing, gesturing to Donna’s wrist band which said ‘Boss’.

“Well, we’re public servants. We just work in the city and read a lot of paper work all day.” Josh shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s pretty much it. Donna’s a senior assistant and keeps me organised, works insane hours and refuses to bring me coffee and provides me with meaningless trivia each day.” He smiled at her, letting her know that she really did a lot more than the few things he had mentioned to the others.

“Oh okay.” Stephanie wrinkled her nose, not really interested in their jobs from the boring description Josh had given them. “Well, I want to be a fashion designer…”

The conversation continued on, everybody forgetting that they still knew practically nothing about Josh and Donna’s lives.

Day Six

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