Bring on the Banter

Day Two
The West Wing

Blinking her eyes a few times to wake up, it took Donna only a matter of seconds for the previous nights experiences to come flooding back to her. She stretched her arms above her head, yawning and turned to glance at the figure in bed beside her. She smirked at the drool which was dribbling from his mouth, but decided against wiping it away as it would be sure to wake him. Instead she slipped quietly out of the bed and donning her fluffy pink slippers and robe trudged into the kitchen.

Upon her arrival, a plate of warm pancakes, toast and bacon was thrust directly in front of her from Kate, who looked to be busily preparing breakfast, wearing an apron around her waist and an unnoticed streak of flour on her cheek. Stephanie and the twins were seated at the kitchen counter where they were devouring the pancakes which Kate had obviously prepared for them. They glanced up at Donna only for a second, before returning to their food which was drowned in maple syrup. Donna greeted everybody and took a seat alongside them at the counter.

The group ate in a comfortable silence as they ate only speaking to announce how delicious the meal was, much to the delight of Kate. A few minutes passed before a sleepy looking Josh entered the room. Dropping a quick kiss on Donna’s head as he passed, he took the spare seat next to her.

“Mmmmmmm, this looks delicious” Josh spoke eying the food on Donna’s place. Before she had time to react he had swiped a piece of toast from her plate. Donna glared at him for a second then turned away from him, continuing her conversation with Kate about the dangers of the internet.

Suddenly Big Brother’s voice echoed throughout the house. “Housemates to the diary room”

Everybody’s eyes widened in surprise. The atmosphere had been so friendly and relaxing that the group had almost forgotten their reason for being in the house. Everybody slowly made their way into the diary room, all still in their pajamas, as most of the housemates had only just emerged from the warmth of their beds.

Kate and Shirley being the oldest women in the group were sharing the large lounge chair in the middle of the room, while the other housemates huddled around the chair.

“This is Big Brother.” Big Brother’s monotone voice announced. “Housemates, your weekly task will commence from the moment you leave this room. Failure to comply with the rules of the task will result in money being taken from the Big Brother pool. Your first task will be waiting for you in the kitchen.”

The opaque glass door to the diary room slid open and everybody slowing departed, unsure of what they would find when they returned to the kitchen.

Roxy was the first one to notice the mysterious envelope of the kitchen counter and grabbed it up before anybody else could even come near it. The housemates gathered around her, each of them trying to peer down at the note which was in the envelop, even though Roxy had begun to read it aloud to them.


For this week you will be Boy/Girl Scouts.

Completing challenges will earn badges and rewards.

Conversely, challenges which are not completed or not completed correctly will lose you things such as money and supplies.

Each housemate has their own uniform which must be worn correctly, as surprise inspections will be held during the course of the week.

Uniforms must be worn at all times, unless Big Brother says otherwise.

You uniforms are waiting for you on your beds.

Be ready for your next task.

- BB

A silence fell amongst the housemates before almost in unison, the group scrambled off to the bedrooms. Shrieks of laughter were heard as the group inspected their uniforms and got dressed for the day.

Later that morning


Josh’s whine had returned. Donna had dared to hope that spending time away from the office meant that some of Josh’s grating habits would lessen or even disappear completely. No such luck.

They were in the yard, split into four groups with two couples in each group. Soon after getting dressed, Big Brother had announced their next task. Each group had to build a flagpole, using the poles and ropes provided. The tallest tower, when the time limit was up would be used for the morning’s flag raising ceremony.

Donna had given Josh the job of holding the poles together while she, Sarah and Brady attempted to create a flagpole. So far, despite their best efforts, their flag pole was not going too well. It was tall alright, but nowhere near as tall as any of the other groups. On the bright side, Donna thought, our flagpole is the most secure. They had taken great care when tying their knots which they had made up, none of them even having done Scouting or Guiding as children, so their pole, although not tall would not fall over.

But back to Josh. He had been whining, again.

He wanted to help with the building of the flagpole. Donna was glad that he wanted to participate, but she had allowed Josh to tie two of the poles together earlier - the knot had come undone a minute later, losing them valuable time.

A buzzer blared across the backyard, and the group consisting of Brooke, Ashley, Phillip and Jackson was announced the winner.

Under Big Brother direction the group then formed a horseshoe around the flagpole and performed the flag raising ceremony. They stood tall and sung the national anthem, their voices filled with pride.

“And the star spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”

As the anthem finished the group sighed with relief, their first task complete. Interrupting their break, Big Brother then announced that the flag raising ceremony was to be performed each morning and each night the flag was to be taken down.

CJ’s Office

CJ’s day had been so busy that she had hardly had any time to see the goings on in the Big Brother house. After watching the morning flag raising ceremony, she had only caught quick glimpses from the spare computer she had set up in her office, to have the program playing constantly so that she would not miss anything important.

Josh Lyman on television was one of her greatest fears, but being so busy mocking him for going on a reality program, that fact had slipped her mind. Now she lived in constant fear of the pending screw up that was bound to occur. Especially since Josh was so against being in the house in the first place.

Sitting down at her desk, she decided that she needed a break. Positioning herself in front of the computer, she clicked a link which would show her the day’s high lights.

A large grin spread across her face as she watched in amusement at the montage of scenes which flitted across the screen. CJ looked on as the housemates, still wearing their uniforms, stood in two teams at each end of the pool. She jumped in surprise as the housemates all suddenly jumped forward grabbing at the equipment which was laid out in front of them. They appeared to be making rafts – using bottles, planks of wood and ropes.

Josh and Donna’s team, seemed to be working well together. Their raft looked fairly stable and once it was built they put it in the water, before they all jumped on. By this time the other team had also finished their raft. They too hoped on their raft and the two teams met in the middle and tried to knock their opponents into the water. This CJ guessed was their task, the last person left on the raft won for their team.

Josh seemed to be enjoying himself much to CJ’s surprise, as she watched him knock two people from the oppositions raft. Now if only Josh could fight all his battles this way. It looked to be a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, Donna was then knocked sideways and in while trying to grab her, Josh too fell into the water. When they finally came back up, they were laughing uncontrollably.

CJ smiled. Despite all his complaining, Josh seemed to be having a good time, and the relaxed environment was definitely good for him.

Having decided that she had seen enough, and that she could let Josh live for yet another day, CJ turned back to her own computer and began to work. Every so often though she would glance back towards the footage from the Big Brother house, and smile as she watched her friends, learn to tie knots and run around the yard blindfolded in their still soaking wet uniforms.

Yes, all was right with the world.

Day Four

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